Airsoft 2021

After a year in the wilderness, we’re pleased to announce that our all-action Airsoft day is back for 2021.

We are pleased to announce that the 1st Harston Scouts will be hosting another fun-packed Airsoft day at Gunman Airsoft, Tuddenham near Newmarket on Saturday 2nd October 2021.

The cost for the day will be £37 per head which includes the hire of a protective face mask, weapon and the bb ammunition. The event will start at 08:30 and Scouts can be collected at 16:30. A packed lunch and drink is required, gloves and all covering clothes such as activity trousers and long-sleeved tops must be worn – no shorts or tee shirts.

Scouts, Explorers and Leaders who would like to attend should accept the OSM invitation.

The site will be hired privately and only Scouts, Explorers and Leaders will be participating.

All participants must be aged 12 or over on the day.

The Basics

Location: Near Tuddenham, Suffolk

Date: Saturday 2nd October 2021

Drop off time: 08:30 to kick off at 09:00
Please note that if you miss the safety briefing, you will be required to wait until a marshal is available to go through the safety briefing with you. This may result in missing the first 1 or 2 of games. Please arrive on time to avoid disappointment.

Collection at: 16:30

Price: £37 per Scout, Explorer or Leader

Detailed Site Information

Getting There

Location: Tuddenham
Postcode: IP28 6SE
Latitude: 52* 18′ 29′ 20″ N
Longitude: 0* 34′ 1′ 84″ E

From Cambridge (A14) Follow signs for Bury St Edmunds from Cambridge. Go past the A11 turning to Thetford and continue until you see the turning for Tuddenham and Cavenham. At the top of this slip road turn Left. Follow the road straight on all the way to Tuddenham, then turn Right at the folk towards Cavenham. The site will be sign posted along this road. When you arrive, please park your car and make your way to the safe zone (Barn, adjacent to parking area).

About The Site

The site boast a 45 acre area in the summer, and 25 acres in winter time. There is a portaloo on site, as well as a brick building housing a shop and plenty of table space for players’ kit etc. Drinking water is brought on site, and soft drinks, snacks and tea/coffee are available.

The site is made up of two large building areas, large open areas and seasonal woodlands.



  • Full face protection
  • Camouflage jacket and trousers
  • Gun & magazines
  • Box of bbs
  • Drinking water

You Must Bring

  • Lunch
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sensible footwear such as walking boots. Some activities may include climbing through windows and walking over rough ground


If you are overly trigger happy, you may need to purchase some additional bbs. These are charged at £10 per 3,000.

Rules & Safety

All guns are strictly limited and individually tested to ensure they shoot within safe limits (which is 350 feet per second for most guns). The specific safety rules for each site will be read to all players before the start of each day. Please listen closely to this briefing as different sites have extra saftey hazards which will be explained in the briefing.

Anyone found repeatedly breaking any of the game or site rules will be removed from the game for 5 mins and if this continues will be excluded for the rest of the day.

Eye & Face Protection

  • Your full-face mask must be worn at all times when outside of the Safe Zone! Unless a ref calls an area SAFE. DO NOT TAKE THEM OFF DURING A GAME!
  • If your face mask falls off or is damaged, place your hands over your eyes and call CEASE FIRE, a ref will come to your aid.
  • Please try to make body shots over head shots in the open.

Safe Zone and GOING SAFE!

  • All guns (including pistols) must have their magazines removed and have no BB’s in the firing chamber, turn the gun upside down and fire a few single shots.
  • All guns must have the safety on, if your gun doesn’t have a safety, the battery must be disconnected.
  • DO NOT take your face protection off until a ref has confirmed that everyone is safe.
  • No magazines to be inserted into guns in the safe zone, even if empty

Site Safety

  • When entering buildings take care, as the floors may be slippery and be mindful when climbing through windows.
  • Do not climb on the roofs of the buildings and be mindful when scrambling over rubble piles.
  • The woodland and scrubland areas have been fairly untouched so mind your footing, watch out for low branches and do not climb up trees.

Out of Bounds Areas

  • Any buildings or structures that have been red taped, or had the doorways blocked up must not be entered!
  • Do not go into any of the farmer’s fields or public highways adjacent to the gaming areas.
  • Do not shoot at the livestock or wildlife.
  • Please ensure that you pay attention to the safety briefing before each game to ensure you are familiar with the boundaries on the day.

Fire Points and First Aid

  • In case of uncontrolled fire, all persons must make their way to the SAFE Zone.
  • The first aid point is at the Safe Zone, we can only deal with scratches and scrapes, any worse you will have to go to A&E or call an ambulance.

Gun Safety and Discipline

  • At point blank range a single shot is sufficient.
  • Guns must NOT be fired for more than a 2 second burst to prevent overkill.
  • No blind firing, be sure you have a target to shoot at.
  • Engagement range for qualified weapons over 350fps – 20m DMR
  • Engagement range for qualified weapons over 400fps – 30m Sniper
  • Surrender call! At point blank range you may use the optional ‘Surrender’ call to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Knife kill – Must be rubber, tap in the back ONLY (no striking, stabbing or throwing)


  • The use of smoke grenades, flashbangs and any other pyros will not be allowed on site.


  • Airsoft is a game of TRUST, we do NOT allow shooting to a yield or cheating, if you’re hit first take it. This will raise the level of game play in the field.
  • Shoot with your guns, not with your mouths and always give the benefit of doubt first. Any continued issues should be taken up with a ref or marshal in the field.

Whistle blows

  • 1 whistle blast: Start the game.
  • 2 whistle blasts: Ref call on a player.
  • 3 whistle blasts: Game over/stop game.

Verbal calls

  • GAME OVER: The whistle has been blown three times, GO SAFE!
  • CEASE FIRE: Call Ceasefire followed by the problem, Ceasefire man down, Ceasefire Dog walker Etc. Anyone can make the CEASE FIRE call. Game play must stop and all players are to stay where they are until one blast of the whistle starts the game again or refs calls the game to a close.


  • Please do not leave any litter in the field or the safe zone. Either take it home with you or put it in the bins provided.



Airsoft can be a very demanding physical and mental activity, and is usually played in woodland, scrubland and derelict buildings. Please ensure you are physically and mentally fit to engage in airsoft activities and are wearing suitable footwear.

If you have any concerns please speak to us before playing, especially if you have any special requirements which we need to accommodate for you. All such communication will be treated with the greatest respect and in complete confidence.

Airsoft, and Gunman have a great safety record – your health and well being is our prime concern.