Cubs Photo Albums

Group Camp Pampisford (April, 2016)

Over the weekend of the 22nd - 24th April 2016 the Scouts and Cubs took part in an camp near Pampisford. The five patrols cooked chili con carne for dinner then pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Activities included fire lighting without matches or lighters, air rifle shooting, making ice cream, water games and lots of other fun activities. On the Saturday night, we had a big camp fire followed by hot chocolate. The camp ended on Sunday with the scouts renewing their promises.

Camjam (August, 2015)

Our Cubs attended the Camjam Cub day at huntingdon racecourse. This event is only held once every 4 years, with over 2500 Scouts campng for the week . we had lots of fun and had a go at lots of fun activities.

Scout Camp Pampisford (July, 2014)

Over the weekend of the 24th – 27th July 2014 the Scouts had their annul summer camp. This year we were very lucky to be allowed to use a field in Pampisford. The Scouts arrived on Thursday and were joined by some of the older Cubs on Friday. The campers had to cook their own breakfast each morning. They also had to cook their own lunch on Friday and Saturday over open fires. Friday evening was spent out on a hike. We also got a visit from our new DC Geoff Kavanagh on Friday and our new night’s away adviser, Stuart, on Saturday. It was nice to have them at camp and they both seemed happy with the way the camp was set up and the way everyone was enjoying themselves. The Scouts also got to sleep out in bivouacs, that they made themselves, on Saturday night. The days were spent learning new Scout skills and having fun. Well done to all the leaders on a great camp. Hope you like the photos.

Group Summer Camp in Haslingfield (July, 2013)

Between Thursday 25th July and Sunday 28th 2013 the Scouts and Older Cubs had their summer camp. We were very lucky to have a field in Haslingfield kindly loan to us for the weekend by a family member of Amanda (Kaa) for which we are truly grateful. The Scouts arrived on Thursday with all the kit and put up the Tents. Friday was spent doing various Scout badge work and having fun. The Cubs arrived at 5pm on Friday and once settled joined the Scouts on a hike. The rest of the weekend was spent learning new camp skill and playing games. Thanks to all who made it a very happy and fun camp. Hope you like the photos.

Remembrance Sunday (November, 2012)

On Sunday 11th November, the Cubs and Scouts took part in the Remembrance Sunday ceremony. There was a wreath laying ceremony held at Hauxton church, followed by the laying of a wreath at the Harston war memorial. We then all paraded down to Harston church for a short service.

Bonfire Talent Show (November, 2012)

On Wednesday 7th November 2012 the Cubs & Scouts held a bonfire talent evening at Lt Shelford. The Cubs and Scouts decide what they wanted to do, they told jokes, did magic tricks and we even had a few funny (scary) sketches. A good fun night was had by all and here are a few photos of what went on. Enjoy

Summer Camp Grantchester (July, 2012)

On the weekend of Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July 2012 the Scouts and older Cubs had their summer camp at Grantchester. Here you will find pictures of what they got up to including pioneering, camp crafts, backwoods cooking, crafts and cooking their own breakfast. The weather was interesting but did not hamper the Scouts and Cubs from having fun. Thanks to all who made it a very happy and fun camp. (Sorry some of the photos are a bit blurry but the camera was having trouble with the weather and light, still worth a look)

Sixer Camp (June, 2012)

On 16-17 June the Cubs held a small camp at phillimore garden centre for the sixers only as part of there outdoor challenge