Scouts nature quiz hike and mill visit (June, 2015)

At this weeks troop night the Scouts were out and about with our long time friend, and ex Harston Scout, Rob Mungovan. This time Rob took the Scouts out on a quiz hike from Meldreth to Melbourn. On the way we were very luck to be invited in to look around Meldreth Mill. The Scouts had a talk with the current owners and got to have a good at using a hand turned scale version of the grounding stone to make flour. They also got to hear a ghost story about buried treasure. After the mill the Scouts hiked on and whilst listening to Rob had to answer some question on a sheet. At the end of the hike Rob got the Scouts to mark their sheets and gave out sweets as prizes. We are very luck to be able to call on Rob for this kind of activities and we thank him very much. Please enjoy the photos.