Scout Summer Camp at Two Mile Bottom (July, 2015)

This years Scout summer camp was held over the weekend of the 24th – 26th July 2015 at Two Mile Bottom Scout camp near Thetford. Allthough the weather was against us this did not stop the Scouts from having a great time. Friday started with the Scouts arriving and sorting out their tents then getting to know the site. Mean time James collected our food supplies, that Ben had pre-ordered before camp started, from the local Tesco. The evening was spent playing silly games and ended with a few games of bingo with hot chocolate in the big marquee before bedtime.

Saturday started with the Scouts cooking their own breakfast as they did with all their meals this camp. The morning was spent moving around three bases, rifle range, tea light tin can making and a scavenger hunt plus building camp gates for their colour patrol areas. After some free time it was time for some water based games. This involved the Scouts getting very wet playing various water based relay games. After lunch the Scouts headed out on a Geocache hike which lasted about two hours. The evening started with the Scouts cooking dinner, which comprised of hot dogs wrapped in dough cooked over open fires, followed by some free time and finished with marshmallow over a camp fire with a little sing song.

Sunday was spent cooking breakfast and racing to get the tents down before the rain came. Well done to all the Scouts and leaders as all the tents were down and packed away just as the rain started. Thanks to all the parents who came early to collect the Scouts as the rain cut the camp short. The camp was organised and run by Ben as part of his Nights Away permit course. The camp was a huge success and he passed with flying colours. Well done Ben. Hope you like the photos.